Forks Cheerleading Guidelines

UpdatedSunday January 14, 2018 byStacy Menza.




The Forks Township cheering program is governed by Forks Township Athletic Association. Further information on these guidelines can be obtained by contacting the Forks Township Cheerleading Commissioner or by clicking on the link above.



  • All cheerleaders must be Forks Township residents unless specific approval is given by the Forks Township Recreation Board.


The approval process is to sign up during regular registration and fill out the “Out Of Town Residents” section and bring it to the following Recreation Board Meeting where the Board will hear the circumstances as to why the cheerleader should be allowed to play in Forks Twp. If approved, they will be notified at that meeting and placed into the pool of players



  • A copy of Article 16 of the FTAA By-laws shall be signed by each parent/guardian on or before the date the players receive their uniforms. It is imperative that the players/parents/guardians and coaches adhere to the code of conduct. A zero-tolerance rule will be in effect before, during and after practices and games.



  • All equipment and uniforms are owned by Forks Township. Any equipment or uniforms you receive must be returned in a reasonable timeframe and should be in the condition it was presented to you. If you do not return equipment and uniforms within two weeks of the return date, you will be subject to a late fee assessed by the equipment manager. If the equipment/uniforms are not returned, you will be billed for the replacement value of the equipment/uniforms not returned.

  • If there is an outstanding uniform from a previous season, the child may not register for another sport until either the uniform is returned or the replacement value is paid.



  • Missing practices will most likely affect a cheerleader’s time on the field at halftime since they must know the routine prior to taking the field.



  • In cheering, it is critical to attend all scheduled practices and games. A child must learn the cheers and routines and work together with the team to be successful. If a child must miss a game or practice, a coach must be notified. A coach may need to alter cheer time if the child does not know her routine or cheers.

  • If a cheerleader is not present at a game at the required time and the routine for halftime was changed to adjust for her absence before she arrives, the cheerleader will not be allowed to participate in that half time show. Please contact your coach if you know you will be late to a game. 

  • A cheerleader must remain with their squad at all times during a game.

  • Football games held during the week shall have a cheering squad available. The Commissioner(s) will appoint one squad for each week on a rotating basis between cheering squads.




  • Cheerleaders are required to participate in all competitions.



  • Captains will be selected through a competitive process and will be in effect for the entire season. Tryouts will consist of a cheer, a dance, and jumps one or more times for an outside judging panel, and coach input.

  • If there is more than one age group at a level, the oldest grade is eligible to try out for captain. If no one at the oldest grade level is interested, the next highest grade level will be eligible.

  • Exceptions-Since Varsity is comprised of multiple grade levels, eighth and seventh graders that have previous cheerleading experience are are allowed to tryout for captain. If there are no eligible eighth graders or the eighth graders are not interested in trying out than seventh and sixth graders are allowed to tryout for captain.

  • Captain Tryouts usually take place the last week of July.

  • Squad grade levels are subject to change and will be determined by the commissioner once sign ups are closed.






Jr. Pee Wee

Entering Kindergarten and Grade 1

Entering Grade 2

Pee Wee

Entering Grade 3 only

Jr. Varsity

Entering Grades 4 and 5


Entering Grades 6, 7, & 8



  • The attention of the cheerleaders is very important, therefore, if there is excessive talking, arguing, etc.; disciplinary action may be taken.

    • First offense – Cheerleader approached by coach

    • Second offense – Cheerleader and parents are approached by coach/commissioner

    • Third offense – Cheerleader may be benched for one game and will be expected to attend even though not cheering

    • Fourth offense – Cheerleader may be dismissed from the squad and required to turn in uniform and equipment



  • For everyone’s safety, no stunts or gymnastics are to be performed without the supervision of a coach or assistant coach.



  • Cheerleaders who would like to participate will be paired up and assigned football players to decorate houses before games. Poster board will be provided. Commissioner/Coaches will coordinate with football Team Parents for dates to decorate. 

  • Cheerleaders will sponsor a sign for the football players to run through prior to entering the field at each game and may elect to decorate a field.