Bushkill/Connie Mack Ages 13-16

UpdatedSunday November 29, 2020 byScott Martenis.

Bushkill/Sr Bushkill/ Connie Mack

Ages 13-16 can particpate in Forks Recreation Baseball.  We play in one of two leagues (Bushkill or Connie Mack).  Connie Mack has replaced Legion Ball

It is important that you register during January sign ups even if you are trying out for the high school team.  This gives us the ability to get potential numbers so we can notify leagues we plan on particpating, establish coaches, etc.

This age group is playing regular baseball rules, 90 ft bases, 60ft 6in pitching mound.

Bushkill Jr  13-14 year old players (Can't turn 15 before April 30th)  

Bushkill Sr  15-16 year old players (Can't turn 17 before April 30th)

  • Both Bushkill teams run from early May to the end of June. 
  • There are no tryouts or cuts

Connie Mack 15-16 year old players (Can't turn 17 before April 30th)  

  • This team is a combined effort with the city of Easton.  
  • It is a highly competitive team. There will be tryouts and potentialy cuts
  • The season begins after the high school baseball season ends.  
  • If you made the high school team you are automatically elgible for this team.

Home games will be played at Community Center field 6 or at Meco field or Hackett Park