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Welcome to the Forks Township Basketball Website!
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Basketball Signups occur during the month of September, with the season beginning in mid-November and lasting through the end of March.  Boys and Girls age 7 through 17 are invited to participate in this program.  Basketball guidlines are listed below. 

Age 7:  Co-ed Instructional Clinic - Focus is on dribbling, footwork, form, defending, and basketball basics.  No teams are formed, no games played.  Begins early January and runs once per week for 8 weeks.  Based on age on August 1.  
Age 8:  Boys & Girls Instructional League - At this level, no scores are kept and there are no playoffs.  Teams play 12 games.  Utilizes a stopped clock so referees can explain what players are doing incorrectly.  Based on age on August 1.

Age 9-16:  Boys & Girls Competitive teams - Rules progress with age.  Teams play 12 games, top teams compete in playoff for championships at each age level.  U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U15 and U16 levels, both boys and girls.  Based on age on August 1.

Age 17:  Boys Competitive League - Plays 10 games in a U17 league at "In The Zone" in Bath, PA. Teams participate in playoffs.  Based on age on August 1.

Forks Township plays its games in the CBL (Community Basketball League) which was founded by Forks Township and 5 other municipalities almost 50 years ago.  The CBL has grown to what is believed to be the largest youth basketball league in the state of Pennsylvania.

Click Here to visit the CBL site....

Game Schedules
1. Go to the CBL web site @
2. Go to the "standings" icon button on the left.
3. Find your division. For Instance Boys U9 North, Boys U9 South, Boys U9 East would be 9 year old boys teams.
4. After opening the standings, if you "click" on your team, you will see a full schedule of all games. If you click on the site of the games you will get the address of the gym.

Basketball Guidelines 2019.pdf