Cheering Rules

UpdatedTuesday April 5, 2016 byMelody Talpas.



  1. Practices will be held at the Forks Municipal Park and begin the first week of July until approximately the end of November.All Levels may advance to playoffs.Coaches will provide times and dates.

  2. If the cheerleader is going to be late to practice, the parent/guardian must call or text the coach.

  3. Cheerleaders are expected to promptly attend and participate at practices, events, competitions, football games, cheer clinics or camps, and Community Days-September.Additional competitions maybe added to the schedule. These events may charge an entrance fee.

  4. All practices, games, events, competitions, clinics, camps, etc., are mandatory unless the cheerleader has an excused absence. Excused absences are sickness,family emergency, doctor/dentist appointments, vacation, death in the family, school functions, and religious activities. Excessive absences may effect the cheerleader’s position in the halftime routine.

  5. Activities such as gymnastics, sports, dance class, etc., are considered unexcused absence.

  6. It is the cheerleader's responsibility to learn the items missed before the next practice.

  7. Football games are held on Saturdays/Sundays.  Cheerleaders should arrive at least one hour prior to games and events unless otherwise instructed by the coaches.  If the cheerleader is late to a game, does not contact the coach, and the halftime routine was modified, the cheerleader will be able to cheer at the football game.  However, the cheerleader will not be eligible to cheer during the halftime performance.     

  8. If practice, games, or events are canceled, you will be notified.  

  9. If there is inclement weather, practices may be held in the community center. 

    Please be aware that games/events may be played in inclement weather.  It is advisable to check your email before departing for practice, games, or events.


  • For safety reasons, hair must be neatly pulled back, no jewelry or hair beads, may be worn during practices, games, and events.

  • Partner stunts, pyramids, and gymnastics are prohibited without the consent and immediate supervision of the coaches and/or assistants at any practice, game, or authorized cheering activity.


    1. All cheerleaders are expected to act in a well-behaved manner and show good sportsmanship at all times.  This includes showing respect to coaches and team members of their own as well as opposing teams. 

    2. If a cheerleader is disruptive or chooses not to participate, the cheerleader  may be moved or asked to sit by the coaches during a practice/game.

  • Cheerleaders must remain with their squad and coaches at all times during practice, games, during half-time activities, and event


Discipline Procedures:

  • Discipline problems will be handled in the following manner by all coaches:

      1st Offense – The cheerleader will be made aware of the problem by the coach.

      2nd Offense – The cheerleader and her parents will be made aware of the problem by the coach and the commissioners will be notified.

      3rd Offense – The cheerleader will be benched for the game.  She will be expected to be at the game in uniform and must sit by the coaches, but will not be permitted to cheer. 

      Final – The coach and commissioner will go to the Forks Township Athletic Association and request that the cheerleader be dismissed from the squad.  If dismissed, the cheerleader will be required to turn in her provided uniform and equipment upon request.



  1. The uniforms are the property of Forks Township.
  2. Uniforms and cheer hairbows are to be worn at games or as required by the program.

  3. Cheerleaders are not permitted to eat food including candy and gum in uniform.  Unless, the uniform is covered. Please provide water or clear liquids.  Families that attend additional games,may want to bring a change of clothes for the cheerleader.

  4. Parents/Guardians will be responsible for replacement costs of dirty, damaged, or lost uniforms.  

  5. At the end of the season, the cheerleading uniform must be returned clean.

  6. All cheering articles provided/purchased must be brought to each game in the cheer bag.



  • All parents/guardians are responsible to volunteer three (3) hours of time per child/ sport in the snack bar or another volunteer activity approved by the commissioner.

If you do not wish to Volunteer, there is an Opt Out Fee Charged at Sign-ups.


  1. Captains will be selected through a competitive process and will be in effect for the entire season.  Tryouts will consist of a cheer, a dance, and jumps for       an outside judging panel. Any cheerleader may try out for the position (s). 

  2. Captain Exception-If there is more than one age group at a level the oldest grade is eligible to try out for captain.  Since Varsity is comprised of multiple grade levels, eighth and seventh graders that have previous cheerleading experience are are allowed to tryout for captain. If there are no eligible eighth graders or the eighth graders are not interested in trying out for captain, than seventh and sixth graders are allowed to tryout for captain.

  3. Captain Tryouts usually take place the last week of July.

  4. Squad grade levels are subject to change and will be determined by the       commissioner once sign ups are closed.


    General Information

        1. Articles purchased for the cheering season, example... sneakers, should be worn only as required until after the season

        2. Clinic wear can be worn at any time after clinic is completed.

        3. There shall be no mascot cheerleaders.

        4. No nail polish (Exceptions clear or a French Manicure), no hair wraps, and no       excessive makeup.


    Any problems that occur during the season should be discussed with the coach(s).  If a solution cannot be reached, please contact the commissioner and she will assist in reaching a resolution.


    These rules are established to encourage cheerleaders to be responsible for themselves and their actions as well as be cooperative and courteous with their teammates and coaches.  These are important life skills and they are necessary for a team to be successful.  Cheerleading is a team sport. While this is a recreational level program, it is still a commitment that has been made by the cheerleaders and their parents.  Please honor this commitment accordingly.