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UpdatedMonday January 18, 2021 byKim Bilger.

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In just a few months, a fun season of youth field hockey will be upon us. Field hockey is a super-fun sport, and this program is a great way to learn, grow and have fun playing the game!

Kim Bilger and Jennie Cowan are the Field Hockey Commissioners.



There are 3 age groups for players

K-1 instructional team - practices only (one year-end playday)

2nd-4th grade - instructional with inter-league competitive play

5th-6th grade - instructional with inter-league competitive play

Forks Township participates in the NJ-PA field hockey league. The league is for kids in grade 2-6 with modified rules.

The K and 1st grade kids will be instruction-based, focused on learning basic skills and having fun!


All players in 5th and 6th grade will be required to wear safety GOGGLES. Your child may borrow goggles from the township. If you'd like to purchase your own, be sure the goggles are ASTM certified! (longstreth sporting goods has a decent selection for girls' sporting supplies - order on line) Most sporting goods stores should have them.

Your daughter will also need shin guards and a colored mouth guard (NOT CLEAR). You can borrow a stick for your daughter. If you'd like to purchase one, the stick should be hip-level.

All games will be on 8 Sunday afternoons this year. (Make-up games may occur during the week)

Mark your calendars!
Practices will begin the last 2 weeks of August - dates and time to be determined.

The NJ-PA League website is

Look here for league information, dates, directions, etc.
Fall dates have not been added completely yet. Stay tuned!

Equipment needed for players is hockey stick, shin guards and mouth guard. We have field hockey sticks to borrow if desired.

Easton high school hosts a field hockey clinic - see details below
FIELD HOCKEY June 13-16 (tues-fri): 9:00 AM–12:00 PM Grades 2-8
Camp Director - Casey Eck
Cost - $70

Click link below for more info and to register!

There are also some other area high schools with camps - do a search to see what works for your schedule.